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Typically working behind the scenes this function is nonetheless critical to the day-to-day operation of our business.  Our support staff plays an important role in ensuring our high standard of service.  We are proud of their dedication and commitment.

Deena Williams, Senior Support Staff
Office Phone: 800-426-6555
Mobile Phone: 253-686-4022

Deena has twenty years of experience in customer service and has been with AJ Distribution for over 4 years. Deena is primarily responsible for Sales Support, entering and invoicing orders, and for placing product orders with outside vendors.

Sonya Byrd, Sales Support/Bookkeeping
Toll Free Phone: 800-426-6555
Fax: 800-392-4323

Sonya is a recent addition to AJ. Distribution and she comes with over 25 years of experience in bookkeeping, graphic design, and sales support.  Her primary responsibilities are Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Sales Support.

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