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In February 2010 AJ Distribution Inc. was purchased by Matthews International, Inc. (Matthews) a publicly traded manufacturing company. Among other things, Matthews manufactures burial and cremation caskets under the York and Elder Davis brand names and was the major supplier for AJ Distribution, Inc..  Matthews is committed to the same level and quality of service as AJ and has retained the previous owners Terry and Linda Porter as well as the entire staff of AJ Distribution. This ensure the same level of service and continueity that is expected by our customers.

Historically, the origins of the company started in 1946 in Tacoma, Washington as Puget Sound Casket. The company originally manufactured their own line of wood caskets and over the years, as the economics of labor and materials evolved, they distributed caskets made from outside sources. AJ is blessed to have a few staff members that were with the original Puget Sound Company and/or have worked in the funeral industry for their entire professional careers and continue to offer a historical perspective to casket styles and funeral service businesses.

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