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Remember the love of nature and the outdoors with our certified Green casket collection.

Natural Choice caskets are solidly built in the U.S. by experienced craftsmen.  Because there are no metal fasteners or hinges, each casket is painstakingly assembled using time-honored peg-and-dowel construction, natural fasteners and biodegradable glues.  This Old World technology gives Natural Choice caskets a distinctive look and style.  Each casket makes it clear that you and your family are committed to protecting our natural environment. 

Mt. McKinley

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Mahogany with Sand Velvet Interior - 71006770
Mt. Rainier

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Maple with Rosetan Crepe Interior - 6034329
Mt. Hood

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Oak with Moselle Crepe Interior - 5011039

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Poplar with Rosetan Crepe Interior - 71006628

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Poplar with Crepe Interior - 71006591
St. Helens

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Pine Untrimmed - 71006999
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